Frozen Yogurt is one of the fastest growing franchise models in the world and CRAVE is among the fastest growing brands within this industry.

We’d LOVE to sit here and tell you all about how launching your very own CRAVE could save you over $150,000 in set up costs, or how we have the lowest royalty fees on the market or even about the ultra-low-cost operational model we’ve developed, but doing that would sound like we’re trying to sell you.

In our experience, people buy what they Crave.

One of the reasons why we’re amongst the fastest growing brands of our kind is because we let the opportunity speak for itself.

The Australian frozen yogurt market has truly exploded and is doubling in size every couple of months.

CRAVE is now offering franchise opportunities to applicants that want to take advantage of this trend, but we’re not just looking for anyone.

All long lasting, successful partnerships are built around hard work, dedication and a common vision.

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